RWT Welding School is a community of professionals who are ready to help you to achieve excellent results in the field of all types of arc welding (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA).


  • Unique welder training and testing system

  • Software for testing and training 
  • WPS Software


Our story began in 2016 when we came together to win a welding medal at the WorldSkills World Championship. We didn't think about creating a commercial company, we just aimed for victory. We decided that the only chance to achieve a high result was to act differently from everyone else. We didn't focus on quick wins. We bet on diligent and reliable work, and developed a plan to achieve results. Of course, we wanted to get gold at the nearest World Championship and immediately prove to everyone that we were the best, but that would have been strategically wrong.

What did we do? Our work can be assessed differently, we will tell you how we see our own path. We didn't stubbornly sit down, feeling out new technologies and approaches on our own. Why do it when there are those who have already invested a lot of time and effort in it? We immediately went to those who were considered strong competitors. We went to see how they trained their champions. Few can boast that they studied the winning technologies of Taiwan, China, the USA, Finland, Germany, Australia, Korea, and many others. We won't reveal the secrets here, but one thing can be said – it's hard and persistent work.

Not only training and other people's techniques, but also championships teach a lot. It's a whole world that reveals all the shortcomings, all the person's attitude to work and preparation. A championship is a team story, no relay race will happen if the team runs in different directions. We participated in championships: in China, Korea, the United States, Sweden, Austria, Australia, many other places.

Teamwork is what we are about. Since 2016, we have been moving forward together, achieving together what seemed impossible individually. By 2018, we had won a gold medal at the European WorldSkills Championship. In 2019 - Gold of the World Championship. We took first place among 38 participating countries. This is where our story as the "RWT" company begins.

After winning the gold medal at the World Championship, we didn't retire, because achieving our own victory is no better than helping others to achieve theirs. Every year our team grows, and we are glad that the best welders are ready to work with us side by side. That's why we happily search and wait for the best!

Since 2019, we decided not only to strive for medals for ourselves but also to try to help everyone involved in welding to become better. We started preparing corporate welders for championships, selecting jobs for those who are truly great professionals. We started giving masterclasses to students.

It is difficult to work with large companies without having one of our own. That's why we created our company - RWT LLC.

The goal of our work is to make welding more efficient and faster. It is wrong to think that championships are not interesting to us, as we actively participate in organizing championships, developing documentation, and selecting welding equipment. But that's not the only goal. We see our mission in improving the quality and productivity of welding production as a whole, and we hope that today we are already making our contribution to this noble cause.

While teaching others, we must not forget about our own development. We are open to new knowledge and constantly strive to improve our work. We test new equipment, practice welding new metals for ourselves. For example, our arsenal was recently replenished with the welding of platinum alloys, but this is not the limit.


  • 2021Gold Medal European Championship EuroSkills

  • 2019Gold Medal World Championship WorldSkills Kazan

  • 2018Gold Medal European Championship EuroSkills

  • 2017Medallion for Professionalism World Championship WorldSkills

  • 2016Medallion for Professionalism European Championship EuroSkills